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Match-Trade adds MT5 Platform as it expands its B2B offer

Match-Trade Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of MT5 suite of products and services for retail brokers. Match-Trade has added this multi-asset trading platform (FX, CFDs and Stocks) to its growing portfolio of products, which includes a high demand cryptocurrency related products.

Match-Trade has decided to add the MT5 trading platform to meet the growing demand of brokers and traders. MT5 is increasing its popularity thanks to its multi-asset features, a distributed architecture, high productivity, and flexibility. MT5 can be easily added as a trading platform for brokers and financial institutions.

Match-Trade is pleased to announce that its MT5 products and services will include: MT5 White Labels, Feeds for FX, CFDs and Cryptocurrencies, Liquidity connection via in-house developed MT5 Gateway / Bridge Aggregator. MT5 Platform is prepared to handle exchange traded symbols and it will be used as a complementary platform to our Matching Engine system, which serves as an ECN venue for Match-Trade clients. Match-Trade plans to integrate its Client Office and RMS applications with the MT5 platform to provide a fully operational environment for the brokers.

Moving forward, Match-Trade plans to incorporate MT5 Platform in all aspects of its trading environment, including its crypto exchange platform, which is currently under development. As a result, Match-Trade will allow trading on its exchange through the MT5 platform for more advanced traders.

The most important services which will be available for MT5 Brokers:

  • – MT5 White Labels
  • – Fully integrated with MT5 Bridge and liquidity aggregator
  • – Connection to Match-Trade Matching Engine
  • – Client Office integrated with MT5 system
  • – Multi-asset Feeds and Liquidity connection
  • – Custom plugins

  • Solutions are available for all existing and new Match-Trade clients.
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    Match-Trade Continues its Expansion in the Cryptocurrency Market

    Match-Trade is making strides to be a frontrunner in providing advanced products and technologies related to Cryptocurrency Market. Match-Trade has launched its first crypto offering in May 2017, and since then has added new features and components to meet the growing demand for its clients.

    After launching our first crypto offer in May 2017, we received several requests from brokers, who were looking to add Cryptocurrencies to their trading products. We were delighted to provide advanced crypto solutions to our clients. As we are receiving valuable feedback from our clients, we are consistently enhancing our Crypto solutions to satisfy and exceed the ever-changing world of Cryptocurrencies. Read More “Match-Trade Continues its Expansion in the Cryptocurrency Market”