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What Bitcoin revolution taught us about cryptocurrencies?

Created nearly 10 years ago by a person or a group of people hiding their identity under Satoshi Nakamoto alias, the Bitcoin network has gone a long and bumpy road. What was at the beginning, the mysterious ‘cryptocurrency’ used by very few users, for unknown purposes, has become the most recognizable and widely accepted technology (even regulated in many countries). Read More “What Bitcoin revolution taught us about cryptocurrencies?”
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How to choose the optimal White Label solution for brokers?

Decision about starting your own Forex brokerage is not an easy one. Every investor knows there are multiple aspects of running a business that need to be analyzed before launch. Nowadays, in the tech industry – the most crucial decisions to make are those concerning IT. Where will you host your services, who will maintain server, quotes and execution etc? Investors usually decide to partner with a technology provider company offering White Label solutions as it is the safest and most reasonable choice. But how to choose the right one? Read More “How to choose the optimal White Label solution for brokers?”