Can retail forex follow exchange-traded venue?

The development of FX trading venues has been idiosyncratic, but can it follow other asset classes toward an exchange-traded future? Match-Trade is already setting trends in providing open, transparent and distributed exchange like trading venue for retail forex.  

British Research Consultancy Predicts Liquidity Pattern For FX Market

Frederic Ponzo, GreySpark Managing Partner and Lead Author of the report, stated on behalf of Greyspark: “In the FX market of the future, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for banks as they look to adapt their currencies dealing models to make them more suitable for an equities-like, electronically-traded FX environment. Banks must focus on putting their clients at the centre of their plans to utilise single-dealer platforms for FX liquidity while also ensuring they have the technological sophistication necessary to maintain strong profits from proprietary currencies trading.”