Our Match-Trade MT4 WL Manager provides to FX Brokers full control over their MT4 business setup.

Match-Trade MT4 WL Manager enables you to manage the most important MT4 settings the automatic way.

Match-Trade MT4 WL Manager is an answer to the needs of all MT4 WL brokers, who would like to have a more flexible control over their existing setup by having the ability to change essential business conditions such as spreads, mark-ups, and commissions instantly without the need to contact Match-Trade administrative support. MT4 WL Manager expands on standard capabilities of MT4 Manager which was previously reserved only for Administrators of the system. MT4 WL Manager is a desktop application which provides the highest level of security and streamline real-time decision making for WL Forex Brokers using our MT4 WL.


Some of the key benefits of our MT4 WL Manager:

  • Changing markups on MT4 groups
  • Changing commissions and agent commission on MT4 groups
  • Updating swaps and leverage on each instrument in the group
  • Changing margin call and stop out level for each group
  • Setting minimum, maximum and step volume size for each instrument.
  • Application provides a user friendly interface with auto updates
  • Clients log in to application using their own MT4 managers
  • Displaying of final spreads on each instrument

Application is be available for all Match-Trade clients completely free of charge. It is possible to license the application also for external clients and servers.