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Crypto Liquidity

Access deep pool of liquidity from the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges

Match-Trade provides access to liquidity pool based on most reputable cryptocurrency exchanges such as CoinbasePro, Kraken, Bitstamp, Gemini and LMAX Digital. Therefore, the pool is designed to be used by both: trading with leverage FX Brokers and Exchanges with spot trading.

Cryptocurrency liquidity for Brokers

Due to growing demand from FX industry clients, Match-Trade decided to build dedicated offer to access cryptocurrency liquidity for FX Brokers:

  • 15 Cryptocurrency pairs available
    • You can add multiple cryptocurrencies to your offer quotes against USD and BTC. On the Client’s special request, we can add other cryptocurrency pairs.
  • Attractive Leverage of 1:5
    • In result, you can offer your Clients high leverage for trading cryptocurrencies at low cost.
  • Up to 10 levels of Market Depth
    • Take advantage of the deep order book, which guarantees big trades execution without significant slippages.
  • Matching Engine Technology
    • Match-Trade’s robust matching engine technology assures the fairest execution on market (No Last Look).
  • Accounts in BTC, ETH and LTC available
    • Providing cryptocurrency nominated accounts to your Clients can generate high market risk without a crypto nominated account with your Liquidity Provider.

Spot Liquidity for Crypto Exchanges

Match-Trade developed market making algorithms to stream liquidity pool to small and medium exchanges, which are interested to increase available market depth:

  • Advanced market making algorithms
    • Connect robust HFT algorithms to your exchange. Algos built by our experienced Quantitative Traders team were successfully tested on exchanges using CoinMatch System. Currently, our market making robots are used on such exchanges as Kraken, BitBay, Exmo, DSX.
  • Settlement account on your exchange
    • In opposite to most popular cryptocurrency liquidity providers, we have a settlement account on each exchange we cooperate. This assures no slippages between Client and Liquidity Provider execution as every limit order is placed inside of the exchange’s matching engine.
  • Multiple FIAT crosses
    • Our algorithms are able to trade on cryptocurrencies quoted against multiple FIAT currencies.
  • Fast integration with exchange API
    • We are able to integrate with exchange API or to connect without additional integration if an exchange is integrated with xChange library.
  • Negotiable conditions
    • Our algorithms are customizable and based on exchange needs we are able to negotiate about order book depth, a number of lines and spreads streamed.

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