ECN Liquidity


Get direct access to Pure ECN Liquidity from Top Tier Banks, Prime Brokers and multiple Liquidity Providers (LPs)

Our ECN liquidity solution is based on ultra-fast matching engine technology, which guarantees no requotes, no rejections and no last look execution. All your trades are executed at a fair market price on over 100 instruments available in the Matching Engine with the market depth of up to 10 levels.

Why choose liquidity from Match-Trade Technologies?

  • Ultra-fast Matching Engine technology

    Match-Trade’s matching engine is installed right next to our MetaTrader 4 / MetaTrader 5 servers to speed up communication and to give a trader those few microseconds of advantage.

  • MT4/MT5 Bridge in the package

    If you decide to choose our ecn liquidity we will provide you with our MT4/MT5 Bridge solution without additional costs. You will gain access to all features of the bridge and you will be able also to make also B-Book execution basing on our feeds.

  • Integrated with trading platforms and aggregators

    Our liquidity pool is already integrated with MT4, MT5, xStation, cTrader and Match-Trader platforms. Partners can access it also via OneZero, PrimeXM aggregators and T4B, FTT, TradetoolsFX bridges.

  • Low commission

    There’s no minimum monthly fee and turnover fee can be as low as 5 USD per million.  We have also a special offer for clients who already use Match-Trade’s solutions.

  • Cryptocurrency liquidity

    Currently in our offer we provide access to liquidity for 15 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple and Litecoin with up to 1:5 leverage. We can also add additional cryptocurrencies upon client request.

Our ECN Liquidity offer guarantees:

  • Liquidity for 100+ instruments
  • No requotes and rejections
  • Liquidity for 15 Cryptocurrencies
  • Up to 10 levels of Market Depth
  • Fast onboarding procedure
  • Fully anonymous execution
  • Quick integration and 24-hour support team

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